About Adele

Welcome to Adele Caruth Jewelry

I have always loved fine jewelry and the striking beauty of well designed pieces. Learning about stones, their qualities and the range of variation within types has always fascinated me. I enjoy pairing different stones or cuts in unexpected ways that set my jewelry apart from mass produced pieces. Each of my pieces of jewelry is designed and produced by me from start to finish.

I have a small home shop that I hope will grow. I source the beads and stones from multiple places. In all cases I try to use only natural stones and, when possible, stones that have no to minimal additional treatments. I believe the colors and textures of stones as they occur naturally are the most beautiful and fascinating. I also enjoy integrating materials such as fossils, bone and petrified wood I find they add a special touch.

I love jewelry making because I can continuously learn new techniques and methods and how to blend them.

My goal is to produce pieces of jewelry that people feel good wearing and that they continue to be attracted to over time. Many of my pieces have an organic feel to them. Even when using similar materials I make sure that each piece is individual.

If you are in Santa Fe stop by Pop Gallery at 125 Lincoln Street where you can see some of my designs in person.

I will create a custom design just for you.  Contact me via email to discuss making your dream a reality.

My Favorite Materials Are:
14K Gold, 18K Gold, Sterling Silver, Sapphire, precious gemstones, Copper, Spinel, Aquamarine, Emerald, Ruby, semiprecious gemstones, natural stones, bone, wood, petrified wood, coral, morganite, zircon, opal, fossilized coral, labradorite, Tourmaline, Garnet, and Tanzanite.